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Frequently Asked Questions  
1. Q- Is this legal?
Answer- YES, Hemp based products are legal in all 50 states. All CBD-infusion products contain cannabidiol that has been derived from a hemp plant that has been specially engineered to contain untraceable amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and a high content of cannabidiol (CBD). This product is does NOT contain any psychoactive ingredients that provide a hallucinogenic trait.
2.Q- Will this get me high?
Answer- NO, This product does not provide any type of hallucinogenic properties.
3. Q- What does this product do? 
Answer- Cannabidiol (CBD) has been linked to numerous health benefits through independent studies. These studies have shown that CBD's can provide large amounts of anxiety relief, maintaining a healthy circulatory system, lowering stress levels, helping with pain management and much much more.
4. Q- What is "RAW" CBD?
Answer- We break all our cannabidiol down from a RAW form that contains no isolates. What this does is provide a true product that does what it is intended for. Similar products that contain CBD's boast about their super high strengths while not informing the customer that product contains large amounts of isolates that do NOT provide any traits that a RAW extract will. All our products are broken down from a raw form and contain zero isolates.
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